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Thursday, September 1, 2020

The Story of Momlette

The come up

This right here, is our story – the grind, the come up.
Real talk, our real journey. Standing on the vibrant streets of Shoreditch, two friends, Sonny and Shubo, were proper fed up with the dead breakfast scene – boring jacket potatoes and them rubbish coffee shop sarnies. Nah, it was time for a change.

Sonny and Shubo decided it was time to bring a burst of flavour to the city's breakfast scene. And here's the dilemma – do they go all hipster, full bougie, or keep it real with their Bengali roots? No doubt, they went for the realness. They wanted a place that reflected the vibrant tastes of their youth, the rich mix of British and Bengali flavours, made by their mums that defined their childhoods.

Boom! Momlette was born.

The menu at Momlette was a mad fusion

Blending Bengali breakfast bangers like Shubo's special Momlette, or Sonny’s Molasses Tea with the classic Full English and bangin’ scrambled eggs on toast. Sonny and Shubo's mums were the secret sauce, adding their own twists to every dish.

On opening day, Momlette was a party of colours, smells, and flavours smashing into Shoreditch. Ever since people have been raving about that authentic blend of Bengali and British brekkie, making Momlette the go-to spot for anyone after a proper kickstart to their day.

Image of avocado on sourdough

Tired of uninspired jacket potatoes and lackluster coffee shop sandwiches?

At Momlette, we believe that the world's change-makers and visionaries, 9-5ers and exhausted mums, deserve more than just ordinary sustenance – they deserve a burst of flavour that ignites creativity. Say bye to the bland and embrace the extraordinary as we introduce the authentic and vibrant tastes of mum's Bengali recipes.

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King Of brunch

We do brunch, so you can change the world.

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